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MyWebAcademy - a flexible and affordable digital learning service.

At MyWebAcademy, your company can have its own digital learning platform and effectively deliver digital courses and competence within your organization.

Create courses yourself

In MyWebAcademy, the company can create its own digital courses. Feel free to use PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, and self-produced videos. Set up a test or quiz to ensure that employees have grasped the content. You can do all of this yourself or collaborate with us in the production and completion of e-learning courses.

Integrate with HR system

If desired, we can integrate the learning platform with the company's HR system, ensuring that employees' competence is constantly updated in the HR system.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for more information and demonstrations at +47 38 10 07 70 or ats@applica.no

Visit our digital learning platform: MyWebAcademy