Welcome to the FPSO University provided to you by BW Offshore.

The FPSO University is established to give a broader understanding of the operational techniques of petroleum processing, and the function and construction of the plant and equipment used in the processing of petroleum reservoir fluids on Floating, Production Storage and Offloading units, FPSOs.

20 e-learning modules are made available for self-study. They will enable you to select learning materials that suit your own particular requirements. Modules can be studied at your own pace and should preferably be studied in the order set out. The study time needed will vary from one module to another, and from one individual to another – we recommend between 1 - 6 hours of study for each module.

Candidates can register for modules individually. Each module is assessed by questions appearing at the end. 70 % score must be achieved in order to successfully pass the test. No formal recognition will be offered.